Installing SuperCloner

Covering .Zip File, Extraction & Installations

1) UnZip The File

2) Go to chrome://extensions/

3) Make sure Developer Mode is On (Top Far Right Corner)

4) Click 'Load Unpacked' Button and upload the folder you UnZipped

5) Now Go to a CF Page you want to clone, make very sure that the page has completely loaded (If you see chrome still loading the page bottom left corner, means you still have to wait for page to be loaded.)

6) Click on the extension icon and you will see the SuperCloner App populates and loads into prompting you to login. Log in with the credentials emailed to you.

7) Now Copy the page

8) Open Clickfunnels, depending on where you want to paste this copied page.. You may want to create new funnel, continue with existing funnel, go to whatever page (doesn't matter what page type. Please realize a 2step order form won't work on other page types other than 'order form') open page editor and click on the SuperCloner icon and click on the PASTE button.

9) After Copied page has been injected into the page editor, Now SAVE it on Extension Level! This is very important!

If you have any questions we're here to help.

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